My name is Antonie and I’m a vaping enthusiast, advocate and reviewer.

Cloud Vape is me and I am Cloud Vape. I like to call myself Cloud Vape. I am not a company and don’t plan to be, it is just a professional name and branding I use to portray myself as a vaper and vaping reviewer. I don’t sell vape products and neither do I create any vape products.

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Purpose of Cloud Vape

My purpose and aim with Cloud Vape is to promote vaping and have fun at the same time, something I can enjoy when I’m not working.

I am here to encourage, motivate and promote anything related to vaping. If you are a vendor or manufacturer I’m happy to review a product for you and give you promotion at the same time.

I don’t make money from this website and I don’t want money for reviews either.

Why do I Vape?

I initially started vaping as a method to quit smoking after smoking cigarettes for almost 15 years.

Eventually the vaping scene hooked me and vaping became a hobby. I really enjoy all aspects of vaping such as conversing about the topic, doing builds, tasting new ejuices and trying out interesting mods. Vaping also has a great community of people.

Today I still vape and will keep on vaping as I really enjoy it!

What do I Believe In?

I believe in the advocacy of vaping and that we should fight for vaping all over the world.

Ultimately the reason why people fight for vaping is because we want to promote healthier living. I usually try to encourage people to quit smoking and rather vape because it is so much healthier in comparison.