Both the RDA, RTA and RDTA are atomizers and they are all classified as an RBA.

The RBA or atomizer usually has a connector pin, base, body, top cap and drip tip. A deck with one or more coil and some sort of wicking is on the inside of the atomizer. They are all rebuildable atomizers.

Despite what I’m saying here, many of these atomizers differ and may or may not contain a certain part I mention and as the vaping industry evolves and companies innovate on the design of the atomizer, many things change very quickly.

An RBA is a rebuildable atomizer.

These atomizers are screwed onto a mod which is a mechanical, digital or electronical device used for vaping. The mod will feed power through to the atomizer as configured to heat up the coil/s inside the atomizer to vaporize the eliquid on the wicks.

Difference Between RDA, RTA and RDTA

Let’s have a quick look at each one individually which will clearly show you the difference between an RDA, RTA and RDTA:


Druga RDA

Druga RDA

An RDA is a rebuildable dripper atomizer.

The RDA consists of a connector pin, base, body, top cap and drip tip. It is also known as a dripper because it doesn’t store eliquid and usually has a small juice well for retaining a bit of juice but mainly gets dripped and saturated after every few hits.

To refill an RDA, the wicks are saturated by dripping through the drip tip into the juice well or often by removing the top cap and painting the wicks and coils to saturate accordingly. The wicks are “made wet” with juice so that you can then further create vapor by firing your mod to heat the coils which vaporize the juice on the wicks.

Most serious vapers prefer the RDA due to vapor and flavor production.


CoilArt Mage RTA

CoilArt Mage RTA

An RTA is a rebuildable tank atomizer.

These are much different from the RDA mentioned above because they have a tank to store eliquid in and usually has a glass (perspex) tank with a specific juice capacity.

The parts are very similar to that of an RDA though it has the tank which is additional and the build deck is inside of the tank with the tank and it’s eliquid surrounding the coil head with the build deck inside. The design of an RTA is made up by the coil head inside the tank which connects to a chimney that extends all the way to the drip tip. This design will keep the juice inside the tank of the RTA.

With an RTA you have more juice capacity and as a result longer vaping without refilling but the build deck is usually much smaller.

Starter kits usually include an RTA and beginners prefer these atomizers.


Limitless RDTA

Limitless RDTA

An RDTA is a rebuildable dripper tank atomizer.

In my opinion this is the best option for most people because it combines the best of both worlds mentioned above. I personally prefer the RDA because of the vape time you get on a fill, the flavor and the vapor production but my next choice would definitely be an RDTA.

The RDTA looks similar to the dripper in most cases but is extended on the base with a tank.  You have a very large build deck just as with the RDA but a tank to hold juice and saturate the wicks from below.

RDTAs are flexible and can be used easily while traveling.

Combo Atomizers

iJoy Combo RDTA/RDA

iJoy Combo RDTA/RDA

A combo is an atomizer is a hybrid which gives you the ability to convert from the one to the other.

They are usually an RDTA/RDA combo that lets you remove the tank section from below the deck to convert the RDTA into an RDA without the tank.

Combo atomizers are flexible and allows for both RDTA and RDA usage.

There you have it, a very simple difference between the RDA, RTA and RDTA!