The new Goon v1.5 RDA is now available!

It is the successor to the original and popular Goon RDA by 528 Custom Vapes which was the best selling RDA in 2016 on the vape market.

What is an RDA?

RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer.

Check out my post on the difference between an rda, rta and rdta for a full overview.

Goon v1.5 RDA Features and Colors

Goon v1.5 RDA in 4 colors

There are 4 colors that the new Goon comes in. Black, Stainless Steel, Gold and Rose Gold. They are all mezmerizing!

The beautiful new Goon has many great features. Most of them are mentioned below in my list where I compare it with the predecessor, the Goon.

It is still a 24mm RDA, includes extra screws, an allen key and extra orings.

Difference Between Goon and Goon v1.5 RDAs

Goon v1.5 RDA is very similar to the original Goon RDA.

The new one has been improved from the original design and as a result it should be a better RDA for everyone overall.

Here is a list of the main differences between the new Goon v1.5 RDA and the Goon RDA:

  • Dome shaped interior of top cap for better flavor.
  • Cyclops holes for better control of airflows.
  • Larger build deck and wider posts.
  • No gold plating on the build deck.
  • Hex screws which can be tightened by hand.
  • Squonk pin for bottom feeders.
  • Hybrid mod safe with adjustable 510 pin.
  • and more…

Goon v1.5 RDA with bag and ultem drip tip

Where to Buy Goon v1.5 RDA

Many online and physical retailers already stock the Goon v1.5 RDA or have them on pre-order at least.

South Africans can purchase the Goon v1.5 RDA on pre-order from Vape Cartel or from Sir Vape right now. They mention on the website that it ships from 528 Custom Vapes on the 22nd of May 2017. When it arrives in South Africa at Vape Cartel specifically I can’t say but hopefully soon!

I hope to get my hands on one of these soon then I’ll do a full review and possibly a video of the Goon v1.5 RDA and post it here.