The iJoy EXO RTA hit the market but there is a problem with it not working.

Many users are having this problem with the iJoy EXO RTA from what I can see on the internet and it is specifically the black version of the atomizer that doesn’t work. The silver/stainless steel one seems to be perfectly fine without these issues.

UPDATE: I did a full unboxing, build and review of the iJoy EXO RTA in stainless steel.

If you are reading this and you have the same problem with the black iJoy EXO RTA, I will provide you with a possible fix or some advice and guidance.

I was so disappointed when I received mine and it only worked for a few minutes before showing the error message.

Black iJoy EXO RTA

iJoy EXO RTA Error Message

The error message will depend on the mod used but common errors reported include:

  • High atomizer
  • Ohm too low
  • Atomizer short
  • No atomizer
  • No Coil

If you see a different error message as a result of the short, please comment below so that I can add it to the list.

Discussions on the iJoy EXO RTA Problem

Cause of the iJoy EXO RTA Issue

The black paint inside the base on the iJoy EXO RTA causes a connection problem.

There is a silver ring pressed into the black base onto which the single or dual coil deck is screwed onto. That silver ring which gives current to the deck cannot receive current from the 510 connection pin because the black paint on the inside of the base is preventing that.

Therefore I believe the silver/stainless steel one works fine because it doesn’t have the paint obstructing the current.

Fix the iJoy EXO RTA Problem

Users have reported that they fixed their black iJoy EXO RTA in several ways:

1. Sanding the base

Pop out that silver ring and sand the black paint off the base with sanding paper where the silver ring connects with it.

I tried this personally and with some force I managed to bend the base of the iJoy EXO RTA.

2. Soldering

iJoy EXO RTA problem fix with soldering

Scratch some of the black paint off on the inside below the silver ring and then place a bead of tin soldering on that area to connect the part of the base without paint on it with the silver ring onto which the deck screws.

What Should I Do?

You can try the fixes above since you are most likely very excited to start vaping on your new iJoy EXO RTA but I wouldn’t recommend it.

As I said above in fix #1, I broke the base thinking that the silver ring will come out as some users reported but it just didn’t and I damaged it in the process.

Just return the iJoy EXO RTA to the retailer whom you bought it from and I’m sure they will replace it for you.

Hopefully iJoy will fix the problem and manufacture new batches of the RTA. The ideal thing would be if they could do a callback on the devices that have already shipped so that they can be fixed accordingly.

Videos of the iJoy EXO RTA Problem

Here are some videos to illustrate the problem with the atomizer not firing:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

And the list goes on… it is very frustrating and disappointing.