Author: Antonie Potgieter

Aspire Gusto Mini kit with Element Ns/20 Nicotine Salts

I’m unboxing the Aspire Gusto Mini kit. This device is available in 4 color options: Black, Grey, Blue and Red. I received a black one from Wicked Vapes who imports and distributes it in South Africa. The one I received didn’t have a pod included but they sent me 2 boxes with 2 pods each. One box with Honey Roasted Tobacco and another one with Pink Lemonade. The pods are sold separately by vape retailers. Read more about it’s features and technical specifications on the Aspire website page. Aspire Gusto Mini Video Review Where to Buy This device and...

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Racc City Vapes – White Whiskers Ejuice Review

Here is my opinion on the Racc City Vapes – White Whiskers Ejuice. I received the White Whiskers ejuice as part of the entire ejuice range with five ejucies in it. The bottling and branding is the same as the other ejuices in the range except for the specific color on the branding of this ejuice. The flavor profile says Vanilla Cream and it is available in a 60ml “chubby gorilla” bottle. Doing the review was fun but I was hesitant to open it up because I wasn’t sure what I have to say about vanilla and cream. It...

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Racc City Vapes – Strange Fruit Ejuice Review

Here is the new Racc City Vapes – Strange Fruit. We’ll have a quick look at the bottling then I’ll crack it open to tell you what it’s all about! Racc City Vapes ejuices are manufactured by Wiener Vape Co. They are available in 60ml chubby gorilla bottles in 0, 2 and 5mg nicotine...

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Scottish Roll Wicking Tutorial

Let me show you how to wick an atomizer using the scottish roll wicking technique. I have a preferred way of wicking my atomizers which I can recommend to anyone.Β It is called the scottish roll wicking method and it has been around for some time. Watch the video tutorial to see how to do it. The purpose of the way of wicking a tank is to provide compact and neat wicks with a good surface area to prevent dry hits and ensure good saturation of the ejuice into the coils. In the video I use the Cotton Bacon product...

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