Author: Jason Artman

Is Cotton Really the Best Wick Material for Vaping?

Is Cotton Really the Best Wick Material for Vaping? It often feels like it’s nearly a universal truth that people who build their own vaping coils love to tinker with different aspects of the vaping experience. If you build your own coils, it’s likely that you’ve made coils with kanthal and nichrome. You may have even tried some more exotic coil materials like stainless steel, nickel and titanium. When it’s time to add wicks to your coils, though, we bet there’s a more than 90 percent chance that you’re using cotton. There are many reasons why cotton is the...

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Should I Buy a Box Mod, a Mechanical Mod or a Vape Pen?

Types of vape mods: Should I Buy a Box Mod, a Mechanical Mod or a Vape Pen? You’ve dabbled with vaping in the past. You’ve tried a disposable e-cigarette — maybe even a small rechargeable kit — from your local convenience store, and you’re intrigued. You’ve learned firsthand that vaping can easily replace smoking as a means of satisfying your nicotine cravings, but you’re looking for more. It’s time to upgrade to a real vaping setup. When you upgrade from a convenience store e-cigarette, you’ll get: A wider flavor selection Larger, more satisfying vapor clouds More vaping time between...

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