Various types of wire is used for vape coils.

I want to give you a quick overview of the most common vaping wires available on the market and share some of the pros, cons and characteristics of each one. Having a good understanding of vaping wire is extremely important especially if you want to start building your own coils or even your own vape wire.

Apart from these common vape wires, I have seen some vapers using other wire and metals. Silver and gold are some examples. There are other possibilities as well but these are the common and most used ones.

How are Vape Wires Used?

Ultimately all these vape wires are used to build vape coils with.

They are either used by themselves in single strand or by fusing certain types of wire together to form a new clapton, staple, etc. composition and then wrapping vape coils with it.

Some of the wires and combinations of wires are used in wattage mode, others are used in temperature control mode and some can be used in both.

Gauge and Resistance

With all the wire types below, the wire thickness or diameter is measured in gauge (g).

The higher the gauge value, the thinner the wire is. Eg. 26g wire is thinner than 22g wire. Also, the higher the gauge value and the thinner the wire, the higher the resistance (measured in ohms) is and the faster the wire will heat up. So a 26g wire will have a higher resistance than a 22g gauge wire and will heat up faster.

Vape coils resistance is measured in ohms (symbol: Ω).

VW and TC Modes

Different types of wire can or should be used in different vaping modes.

VW stands for variable wattage and is the standard mode for any regulated mod. It allows you to set the wattage at which you want to vape, meaning the amount of watts you want to put through your vape coils to heat them up.

TC stands for temperature control and many regulated mods have this mode built into it so that it can be configured accordingly. This mode lets you set the temperature at which you want to vape and heat up your vape coils at.

Types of Vape Wire

Vape coils are built using different types of vape wire.

Here are all the common vape wire types available:

1. Kanthal Wire

Kanthal is the original and most common wire used for vaping.

As the most inexpensive wire it is very impressive considering how easy it is to work with and how long it lasts. You can easily flex and bend Kanthal as needed and the wire can withstand very high temperatures of up to a whopping 1,500 °C before it will actually start melting.

This is the perfect wire for starter vapers who want to build their own coils and even for seasoned vapers who may want to build single wire coils or fuse together with other wires to create claptons.

Unfortunately Kanthal will not give you as good flavor and vapor production as some of the other wires listed below.

2. Nichrome Wire

Nichrome is a more advanced wire compared to Kanthal.

It is made up of nickel-chromium and heats up at much lower temperatures than Kanthal and as a result ramps up faster to produce vapor.

Because Nichrome wire for vaping doesn’t have Iron in it, the taste you get from the heading coils will be cleaner and smoother compared to Kanthal which does contain Iron.

Nichrome wire is recommended for experienced coil builders and it is also more expensive than Kanthal.


3. Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel wire is the perfect wire for temperature control vaping.

It is often referred to with the abbreviation SS which stands for Stainless Steel and is in it’s pure form. Stainless steel is very durable and as a result will last very long so you can keep using the same coils for a long time.

The ramp up time of stainless steel is very fast – faster than Nichrome and Kanthal together and on par with Titanium but doesn’t cool down as quick. Many vapers prefer stainless steel wire as their choice.


4. Nickel Wire

Nickel wire heats up the fastest of all vaping wires.

It is an amazing wire which is easy to work with and with the quickest ramp up time as well as wonderful flavor. Unfortunately due to the fast heating advantage, it also overheats very easily and can melt when it gets too hot.

Temperature control mode is the best mode to vape Nickel wire with so that you can fully control that aspect.


5. Titanium Wire

Titanium wire for vaping heats up very quickly and cools down very quickly as well.

It is the most expensive vaping wire and is highly recommended only for advanced vapers with a great deal of experience with coil building and the technical aspects of vaping. There are known hazards with Titanium wire such as the speculation that titanium dioxide is released above 1200℉ (648℃) and the fire hazard it poses, making it prone to catching fire and hard to distinguish.

The preferred method of vaping Titanium is in temperature mode but Titanium wire is quite a new vaping wire and will only be supported by the newer mods available on the market. You may struggle to find Titanium wire though.