Let’s “travel” to Cuba with an ejuice review of Havana Nightz by Joose-E-Liqz.

What is Havana Nightz Ejuice?

Havana Nightz Ejuice Review

This cuban cigar flavor by Joose-E-Liqz combines the good aromas and flavors of cigar together with other flavors to provide a pleasant vape.

As I break the seal on the Havana Nightz ejuice I immediately get the smell of tobacco but with a twist. I smell Cuban cigar to be specific but it smells much sweeter than I anticipated. The aroma of the ejuice is not heavy, overpowering or sharp as I expected it might be.

Rolled in the leaf of a cuban tree. The scent of a fresh vanilla pod. The taste will leave you feeling like it was taken straight out of the humidor. Sweet and bitter mix in blissful combo making you feel as if you were on the streets of Havana.

Video – Havana Nightz Ejuice Review

Here is the full video review of the Havana Nightz ejuice:

Black Mist Dark Ale by Darling Brew

Darling Brew Black Mist

In the video I vape the ejuice with the Black Mist dark ale by Darling Brew, a local, South African craft beer.

Where to Buy Havana Nightz Ejuice


Most of South Africa’s online and local vape shops stock the Joose-E-Liqz ejuices!

Have a look at the stockists list on the Joose-E-Liqz website for all the vape shops where you can find this wonderful ejuice.

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