Let’s open up the Rhapsody ejuice by Opus for a full review.

I haven’t vaped on the Rhapsody ejuice before and this is a first impression review. I managed to resist opening the bottle since I received it from Opus and as I open it on the video, I get a definite melon smell like the label indicates.

What is Rhapsody Ejuice?

Opus Rhapsody Ejuice Label

This is an ejuice for vaping, manufactured by Opus Ejuice Co. The ejuice is very refreshing, fresh and crisp as I describe in the video.

Here is what Opus describe it as on their website:

Summer in a vape. An inspired blend of various melons, summer fruits and a little something special. Give this unique twist on melons a try, and be pleasantly surprised. Pairs well with light drinks or cocktails.
I really enjoy the ejuice but for more details, have a look at the video below.

Video – Rhapsody Ejuice by Opus Ejuice Co

Here is the full video review of Rhapsody, enjoy!

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Where to Buy Rhapsody Ejuice

Opus Ejuice

Head over to the Opus Ejuice website where you will see a list of vendors from whom you can buy the ejuice!

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They have a full range of ejuices, two ranges at the moment to be specific.

Classic Range

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  • Rhapsody Ejuice
  • Interlude Ejuice

Electro Range

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