Let’s do an ejuice review on the StrawMallow ejuice by Wicked Wicks.

Wicked Wicks StrawMallow ejuice review

I received the ejuice from Wicked Wicks to do a review. My review is honest and sincere. I’ll tell you what I smell, think and taste.

My First Impressions

I resisted opening the bottle for a few days to wait and open it on camera. On the video, I open it and smell several things but as soon as I vape it I get the reminiscence of old fashioned strawberry and vanilla soft swirl ice cream. The ejuice also has a powdery type of taste like real marshmallows do. I really enjoyed it and have continued vaping on it!

It is not specifically desserty and not fruity either, more like a sweets ejuice. This could very well qualify as an all day vape because it is so well balanced and a pleasant vape. The vapor production is fabulous, you’ll enjoy chucking big clouds with this!

Video of StrawMallow by Wicked Wicks

Here is the full video review of the StrawMallow ejuice:

Where to Buy StrawMallow

Wicked Wicks

Best is to have a look at the Where to Buy page on the Wicked Wicks website for a list of retailers.

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