Here is my ejuice review of Good Boy by Wiener Vape Co.

Gert from Wiener Vape Co sent me all of their ejuices and the first one I’m reviewing is the Good Boy ejuice.

What is Good Boy Ejuice?

Good Boy Ejuice Review

Good Boy is Wiener Vape Co’s take on the original RY4 ejuice.

RY4 is a very old ejuice flavor which was initially created by Royan Group Ltd in the early 2000s. The RY4 ejuice usually consists of 3 major flavors: Tobacco, Vanilla and Caramel. People have taken various types of tobacco, vanilla and caramel to make their own RY4 ejuices and also put their own twists on it.

Video: Ejuice Review of Good Boy

Here is the full video in which I do the opening and vaping of the ejuice:

In the video I am vaping on the Avocado 24 RDTA by Geek Vape.

Be sure to watch past the end screen where I forget to turn off the video. Enjoy!

Where to Buy Good Boy Ejuice

Wiener Vape Co ejuice review

Head over to the Order page on the Wiener Vape Co website where you will see a list of retailers.

More Ejuices by Wiener Vape Co

Wiener Vape Co Ejuices

Wiener Vape Co has an entire range of ejuices:

  • Good Boy
  • Fetch
  • Dog’s Life
  • Tail Chase
  • Roll Over
  • Mr Slinky
  • Jelly Monster
  • Panama
  • Rainbow Monster

Each one different but just as good as the other!