Mechanical Mods Explained: What You Need To Know

If you are a beginner and aren’t familiar with how mechanical mods work, you can find them really tricky. Once you are done reading this blog, you will feel like an expert in mechanical vaping.

What are mechanical mods?

First of all, you have to understand what these mechanical mods actually are. Many of you aren’t sure of how they operate. They are complex devices that rely solely on the battery power rather than electric circuit. Once you turn on the device, the power of the battery swiftly starts flowing into an atomizer. Moreover, these simple looking devices are only understandable by people who have complex knowledge of battery-fueled devices and electric current. They come in different shapes and sizes but most commonly people prefer a mechanical vape pen, as it is easy to carry around. However, if someone doesn’t understand their mechanism, one can easily get themselves in trouble. You can try different e Liquids flavors like white chocolate strawberry e-liquid with Mechanical Mods and have a complete fun.

What do we mean when we say, ‘trouble’?

Like any other mechanical device, these mechanical mods also have potential risks involved when you use them. With a tad bit of carelessness, you can damage your device by letting it overheat and burst. But nevertheless, if you choose to buy a mechanical device, make sure you take a test-run. If you already have bought one and you are cautious about it, these are some of the tips with which you can get the best out of your mechanical devices:

Lock and load

When you are done producing thick vapors and strong hits, make sure your device is locked. To lock your device, find the pin or a button that locks the device up. Similarly, you need to give it a bit of time to load as well, when you turn the device on. Understanding these two things is the important when you want efficiency in order.

Prevent misfires

If your device doesn’t have a locking button, make sure your device doesn’t get fired up when it is in your pocket. It can not only harm your battery but you as well. Furthermore, keep your device at a safer place when it is not in use and do remove the atomizer to let the device breathe.

Clean your vents

Another thing that you need to know about vaping a mechanical mod is if your air-holes are absolutely clean from residual gases. Blow air at the connection end while making sure that the device is locked. Once you know there is nothing left in the vents, you can start vaping.

Choosing the right e liquid

That’s the key!

With mechanical mods, selecting the best suited e juice can make your vaping experience so much better. It should be noted that in mechanical vaping, vapor production and flavor is more pronounced. Most experienced vapers try nicotine based e liquids because it gives them exactly what they need i.e. powerful throat hits. It does not come slow!

Don’t overcharge!

Get yourself familiar with volts and how they work; only then you would understand how important it is not to overcharge your device. It is recommended that you change your battery when it is about to die, but once you are done, don’t delay any further. You can only charge upto 100 percent!

Is it the right device for you?

A question you all need to ask yourself when purchasing a mechanical mod. 

For ones who are interested to know about their unique selling point, it is increased vapor with stronger taste. People who love to lead a rugged life should get their hands on this robust device. Most devices come with stainless steel to further enhance your overall outlook, if you desire a hunky look.

Talking about the technical aspect, you will have to build your coils once you buy the device. One thing that can put you ahead of others, who have got a mechanical device, is the understanding of ohms and resistances. Unlike other types of mods, mechanical ones don’t require a lot of resistance. In fact lower the resistance, better hits can be felt. Moreover, with low ohms, more amps will be drawn from the battery which can result in intense vapor production. The reason being is, more power gets delivered the coil resulting in proper vaporization of the e juice. You just need to fire the device up and get the ball rolling.

Finally, you can have the best device out there but if you don’t know how to use it, you aren’t going to get anywhere. We hope that the information in this blog will allow you to enjoy your vaping to the fullest. Have a good day!