Got some awesome vape mail from Sir Vape with beautiful new vaping products!

Vape Mail from Sir Vape

Vape Mail from Sir Vape

Vape Mail Products

The products I ordered were:

  • Chubby Gorilla Quad Signature Battery Cases
  • RAW Asmodus Minikin V2 (180w) – RAW
  • Mage Combo RDTA / RDA by CoilART – Black
  • Comp Wrap Wire by Cotton Bacon – 22g
  • Vape tank bands (black and white)
  • DIY eliquid supplies (VG, PG, flavours, etc.)
  • Demon Killer 7-in-1 Violence Coil Kit – 1 Box
  • Asmodus Triad Genesis RDTA – Silver
  • Eleaf iCare Solo and spare coils pack (for my wife)

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Experience with Sir Vape

Delivery was timely and the vape products are awesome!

The delivery was quick and efficient though 2 of the products were the incorrect colour. I wanted the CoilArt Mage Combo RDTA/RDA and the Eleaf iCare Solo in black while the atomizer came in stainless steel and the Eleaf came in white. I emailed them to let them know and the owner said that they will collect it but I didn’t want to wait so he said that they will throw something in with my next order when I order again. That is good customer service to correct a mistake!

Thanks Sir Vape, you rock!